Just one of those days when you see so many great artist on tumblr and it makes you feel like literately nothing


say it again.

Say it again -marie digby

Ready to sell these babies in Dreamworks Animation Only event

It is going to be a very busy week

a small piece from my rotg book


Dream Within Ark 

a Korean doujin event for Dreamworks Animation ‘w’)/ if anyone’s in korea and is interested it’d be cool to check it out 

Attending! >:3


"Careful, Starscream, you may dislocate a landing gear patting yourself on the back."

"When we started designing [Knockout], the only directive was to make him a fast car, a foil for Bumblebee. I remember looking at his rims and saying ‘just pimp him out’. We have him lots of red and gold. I remember thinking that he’s be attractive in bot mode. Then the studio said that he’s the sexiest bot they’d ever seen. That’s where his vanity came from."      ~Jose Lopez

Direct Quote from The Art of Prime.

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And then all was right with the world. (sORry ill STAP nAo)

(Ala Adventure Time Jake buggy dance )

omg omg omg this is perfect

Thats understandable! But these are really amazing and I’m in complete awe of these :3 they are just beautiful beyond…

awwww that is so sweet of you to say, Thank you!! ♥♥♥♥

Oh my god what would these cost to commission?!

I am not sure if I could start selling them internationally <:3


Get my MTMTE paper tapes for summer doujinshi event!!!!!

Oh my they are printed so well!!!!!

*rof**squee**squee again*

omg this, this is a work of art

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oh my gosh wedding!arcee I love it

I just hoped the groom would be cliffjumper <:3

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