Glad that 兄上さん allowed me to translate her comic. ありがとうね、兄上さん!:D

Original comic source.

Thank you very much!!!

Ugh, still not used to Tumblr image post setting.

a quick pitch doodle

Sandy and Pitch, because I still love these two



Pray for South Korea

for god sake

xxdaimonxx whispered: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Thank you so much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ!! I had a great day today!! Wish you had a great day too!!! 

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Lord Starscream for President! | Steve Blum


So this is what I had Steve Blum do for my 30sec recording and IT IS PERFECT STEVE THANK YOU. What a great way to end election day. NEZZIE YOU’RE IN HERE TOO! Ahhhafhweiof I’m gonna cry. ANYWAY:

Lord Starscream for president!


Drawing for my game design class, wish my exam weeks end early so I could do some personal work ;-;)

Just some doggie doodle I drew for the school club ‘-`)

Wish I could open some commission slots, but I am still not very confident about myself and my drawing.. maybe I should practice more!

Lord Bucket. The Head of Decepticons



Riikka Auvinen

Collection of my older works, thank you for the feature! Someone even managed to find an old painting I only posted in my sketch blog, which I took down some years ago. :’D

It was actually a submission for an artbook called H20, which for some reason never was made, even several artists submitted their works for it. It’s always a little disappointing when this happens. :<

All these are traditional art, painted with watercolors on A4 sized paper.


요즘 의욕이 넘쳐서 이것저것 연습중입니다만

배경은 그리기가 너무어렵다.