"Careful, Starscream, you may dislocate a landing gear patting yourself on the back."

"When we started designing [Knockout], the only directive was to make him a fast car, a foil for Bumblebee. I remember looking at his rims and saying ‘just pimp him out’. We have him lots of red and gold. I remember thinking that he’s be attractive in bot mode. Then the studio said that he’s the sexiest bot they’d ever seen. That’s where his vanity came from."      ~Jose Lopez

Direct Quote from The Art of Prime.

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And then all was right with the world. (sORry ill STAP nAo)

(Ala Adventure Time Jake buggy dance )

omg omg omg this is perfect

Thats understandable! But these are really amazing and I’m in complete awe of these :3 they are just beautiful beyond…

awwww that is so sweet of you to say, Thank you!! ♥♥♥♥

Oh my god what would these cost to commission?!

I am not sure if I could start selling them internationally <:3


Get my MTMTE paper tapes for summer doujinshi event!!!!!

Oh my they are printed so well!!!!!

*rof**squee**squee again*

omg this, this is a work of art

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oh my gosh wedding!arcee I love it

I just hoped the groom would be cliffjumper <:3

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lithefider replied to your photoset “Some rotg goodies I’ve made! it cost me a fortune, but I am glad I’ve…”

Ahhhh oh wow are they for sale or you made them just for yourself? ouo

these babies are for sale on Dreamworks only event in Korea!

I’d love to sell them oversea, but then I guess I’ll have to look out for paypals, or international shipping ways to start selling them @_@)))

Some rotg goodies I’ve made! it cost me a fortune, but I am glad I’ve made them!

posting some TF doodles on my twitter

only few days left

Don’t worry, I’m still alive

thank you for all those messages! I am actually preparing some small ‘comic con’ like event, currently making some books and goods about ROTG and TFP, wish me good luck, I hope I’ll be back soon