hot knockout in his new paint :3

Knockout practice(removed his tires) , Blushing Ultra Magnus(asking out for a date), and drawing for Starscream nsfw anthology


Jackie and Ratchet’s image in my mind.(Only when I draw them!

夏なのでホラ  もう気候が秋になっちゃいましたね^^;

I love this fandom so much


Alright, going to post this because I am seeing centaurs about. Drew this months ago, but still insanely pleased with it.

wow. just. wow.

Babyformers! Megatron. Starscream. Shockwave. Ultra Magnus. and Megatron with Optimus

Transformers doodles. The first drawing is for Essar

For Sagan san

always thankful for her kindness <:3



((Took me a while, but I couldn’t help but wonder …what if they were as excited about teeth as Toothiana?))


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Because you’re fat. I can already see Starscream’s…

I was steaming with anger in the first place (thought the comment was rude), went to the blog, and found out it was Airachnid’s role playing blog, now I am cool. I’m cool.

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dude you are one of those great artist too and never forget it! your art is wonderful, pretty and very creative, you really are amzing and so is your art!

Sometimes I wonder ‘Why do I have all these sweet people all around me, I don’t deserve it!!’

But not today, I am going to enjoy every last second, and tell everyone, ‘Thank you so much for cheering me up, and I love you!’

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;x; I feel like this sad bunny a lot too… maybe all artists feel this way sometimes. But! Your art inspires me! I love it sooooo much! You are not nothing! You are lovely! Your posts make me very happy whenever I see them. <3 *kiss sad bunny*

awww thank you 8ㅅ8)!! Sometimes, I feel like a big baby; like in the recent post over here, I know all those feelings would go away sooner or later, but I guess I had a bad day back there, wanting to be loved and cared <:3 I am very glad I get to inspire you, and I feel very lucky to have a follower like you!! Thank you so much!

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so cute! I wish I could have been there. ; v;

Awww <:( I wished all of you could come! it was fun! it was not as big as Bot cons in the US, but we had quite a party ! I am glad to enjoy the fandom with this sweet crew <3


hehe my mail arrived!(couple days ago) sharapia, agigemask, and omoiman1(@twitter)’s Pitch anthology For Pitch, shara and beavers’ rotg illustration book Ing  and  kkingkk's Grrdians <33 also sandy stickers and notepad and baby tooth coin purse and beaver's watercolor for preordering hnn so adorable /dies I did a gift art for For Pitch btw 'w`*

my bbys!